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Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the tyBit® installation file you downloaded
  2. Click "Next" and follow the short installation instructions
  3. Click "Finish" when done
  4. Start searching the Web simply.

Release Notes | Known Issues | Why Use tyBit?

Five (5) Reasons To Use The TyBit Toolbar!

  • Searches Multiple Engines Simultaneously
  • Accelerates Internet & Browser Performance
  • Protects From Malware & Spyware In Safe Mode
  • Saves Results To Privacy of Users Computer
  • Compares Prices Using Shopping Feature

Try out our new SEO tool!

  • SEO 1 Begin your SEO search by clicking on the sources dropdown in your tyBit® toolbar and selecting the SEO option.

  • SEO 2 Type your domain name in the tyBit® toolbar and click the search button.

  • SEO 3 Information about your domain, such as the Google PageRank™ and your inbound links are displayed in the tyBit® search result.

  • SEO 4 Use the Keyword Index Lookup tool to find out where your website ranks on each of the most popular search engines.

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