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Select keywords which relate to your products or services.

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As people search using the keywords or phrase you selected, your ads will appear.

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Interested buyers and prospects click your ads for more information or to make purchases directly from you or your web site. No Website? Don't worry, if you don't have a web site or web site address call 1-877-404-7250 and speak with one of our affiliate partners today for a special offer.

Expediential Growth
tyBit, a new and revolutionary search engine, receives over 75 million search requests (March 2009), and has over 400,000 affiliate locations within our content network. With thousands of high-quality websites and over 50 global partners, tyBit is quickly becoming the fastest growing search provider on the Internet. In order to ensure your success, tyBit offers text, image (coming soon), audio (coming soon), and video ad formats that fit any budget. We strive to ensure your products and services are "championed" everyday.

Measure Your Success
With tyBit's report center, you can determine which ads, campaigns or groups are your top performers with a few simple mouse clicks. tyBit's cost per action (coming soon) ad campaigns will allow you, as the advertiser, to only pay for the desired actions you choose such as a sale or a customer contact from your advertising.

You Determine Your Spending
tyBit allows you, as the advertiser, to determine your daily or monthly budget which allows for predictable spending. tyBit is flexible and adjusts your spending as needed. Additionally, tyBit advertisers can set ads to automatically shut off and on to avoid the headaches of daily maintenance.

Best Placement, Flat Fee
Advertisers who are concerned about automated traffic or click fraud can benefit from tyBit's Global Keyword Registry which allows our advertisers to determine their desired ad placement for a little as $10.00 per term or phrase. Unlike traditional Pay-Per-Click models, our guaranteed keyword placement gives you the position you want with one predictable cost, no matter how many clicks you receive.

Gain Local Business
Advertising is only expensive when it fails. That's why tyBit recommends using keyword placement for laser-guided, target marketing. Florists, Plumbers, or an aspiring Musician can target local sales and interest by registering keywords and phrases that are less generalized than "flowers" or "plumbing". Our advertisers are not only able to determine what market places their ads will display but are also able to highly target their ads by using guaranteed keyword placement with terms like "flowers Atlanta Georgia" or "plumbers San Francisco".

Phone Numbers Are Allowed!
Unlike other search providers who scour their ads for email addresses and contact methods that take away from their Pay-Per-Click revenues, we encourage our registered keyword owners to use phone numbers or other contact methods within their ads to reduce latency when filling demand from interested parties.

Want 7 Tips To Creating Killer Online Ads?

Read Below What the Pros Know!

The objective of any Pay-Per-Click or Registered Keyword campaign is to convince the visitor to take action once they arrive on your Web site. It is unlikely that a visitor will be convinced to take any converting action based solely on the wording of the Pay-Per-Click or Registered Keyword Advertisement. You need to make sure that the keyword set, advertisement and your landing page all work together in tight coordination to persuade the visitor to take action. Following these steps can help accomplish that goal.

1. Define the Ad's Purpose

The likelihood for a potential customer to click on your ad is best judged when it's presented with examples of the ad group's keyword list that communicate to the visitor "why" they should click. This depends on what the customer is looking for when they do a search. An ad's effectiveness is so tightly related to the keywords used to trigger the ad that it's impossible to judge the relative effectiveness of two different ads without taking into consideration the ad group's keyword set.

Here's an example:

Refinance Your Mortgage

Apply now - lower rates and a
fatter wallet every month!

This ad will be more effective if the keyword list includes terms that target the visitor's wants. Here are some good keywords to be included in the keyword set:

  • refinance mortgage
  • mortgage refinancing
  • low mortgage rates

The ad will be less effective if the keyword list includes terms that are less related to what the ad sells, like:

  • home loans
  • loan from bank
  • rates on house loans

2. Ad Group Keywords

Every ad group has a set of root keywords. For example, an ad that sells flowers online could have up to 500 keywords in its keyword set but its root keywords would be flowers or roses. The ad group's root keywords should appear at least once in the ad, preferably in the headline. This helps ensure the person viewing the ad draws the all-important conclusion, "This ad exactly matches the intent (or the why) of my search." Also, keywords included in the title of an ad appear in boldface, so they're more eye-catching. Many advertisers don't realize that keywords (and other persuasive words) can be cleverly included in the display URL, which isn't required to reference an actual page or directory on the site. In the display URLs below, we have added to the directory the keywords "/Get-Grants" and "/Take+the+Test". Both of these are acceptable ads:

Get Government Grants

See if You Can Get up to $15,000.
Take Our 5-Minute Test!

Get Government Grants

See if You Can Get up to $15,000.
Take Our 5-Minute Test!

3. Talk to the Reader

Whenever possible, speak directly to the reader by using words like "you" and "your." It is very important to establish a rapport with the potential customer. You are trying to invite them into your home or office. Think of them as your guest.

4. Tell the Reader What You Want Them to Do

Use imperative verbs like:

  • Get
  • Shop
  • See
  • Find
  • Buy
  • Call Now 1-800 (Unique to tyBit's Global Keywords, and unavailable in any other major search engine, is the ability to insert a phone number in your advertisement)

5. Make It Clear You Are Selling Something

If your Web site sells something, make it clear that the ad leads to an eCommerce landing page. Your Ad should include features, benefits, and pricing information that are directly tied reader's wants. This helps ensure that you don't waste money on clicks from people who are only looking for information or examples. A Web site that sells photos of sports figures, for example, can minimize the number of expensive clicks from people who just want to see or print such photos by including a phrase like "Prices as low as $59!"

6. Capitalize Every Individual Word

Often an ad with words in title case (where the first letter of each word is capitalized) performs better than a version of the same Ad with lower-case letters. Here's an example using the ad above:

Refinance Your Mortgage

Apply Now - Lower Rates and a
Fatter Wallet Every Month!

Notice that the individual words in the display URL are also capitalized; doing this often boosts CTRs.

7. Use Appropriate Punctuation to Emphasize Action

Exclamation points can significantly increase CTRs, but you don't want to forget about other punctuations in your advertisement. Omitting punctuation marks from your ads can make them appear wrong under some circumstances. For example, this ad looks correct if it appears along the right side of a search results page:

Get Government Grants

See if you can get up to $15,000
Take our 5-minute test!

However, the lack of a period after the $15,000 makes the ad appear odd if it is at the top of a search results page.

Get Government Grants See if you can get up to $15,000 Take our 5-minute test!

It may seem like a minor problem, but a properly-punctuated version of the ad gets a higher CTR.

Our success is tied to yours and we value your business... at tyBit, we understand that in the world of search advertising you have many available options where you can spend your advertising dollars. We pride ourselves on earning your business every day, but don't just take our word for it:

"We have received over 40+ leads from our ads on tyBit, we love it."
Berge Kaprelian
CEO of Beka Publishing

tyBit® allows you to reach people who are searching online for your products and services, locally, nationally, or globally. It sends targeted visitors directly to your website based on the degree of relevancy, so that your advertising revenues are not wasted on the wrong market.Through the tyBit Global Keyword Registry (GKR) you are able to purchase an exclusive keyword(s) for a specified period with unlimited clicks. If a user is searching for shoes and you sell shoes, your ad is served because tyBit automatically delivers text, image, and video ads that are precisely targeted to your site and its content as well as your location. By paying for exclusive use of your key word(s) for a specific period of time and get unlimited clicks, you don't need to worry about fraudulent clicks. This is unlike the current search engine paradigm, where affiliate and BOT networks promote click fraud.

Click fraud estimates range between 15% - 60%. Can you afford to waste these precious advertising dollars? tyBit® eliminates click fraud because the users who click to your site are tracked by powerful validation technology that manages client devices like a PC at the packet level. So even if you choose a pay-per-click model, you get tons of useful reports to determine your advertising ROI and an actual bill that shows exactly what you were charged for to determine which of your clicks were actually relevant and therefore billable!

  • Delivers targeted advertising based on multiple criteria that you can't get in the other search engines
  • Delivers ads locally, nationally or globally
  • Rich media integration for advertisements
  • Works using Key Word Registration, CPA or PPC models without the fraud
  • Gets specific results you can see and measure
  • Log and record results based on subscriber and buyer web patterns & habits
  • Tracks tyBit® visitors and buyers through your ecommerce order form
  • Exclusive key word registration for a designated period
  • Online Communities for compelling content and additional advertising opportunities
  • Secure console to manage and easily update your ad campaign
  • Guards and Protects against mal-ware or "slave bots" used to steal computing power
  • Tracks conversion rates from your ads through your website to your order form
  • Custom reports and statistics so you can see the results and measure ROI
  • Delivers your ads to mobile devices-12 million U.S. Biz online-rest local news & Yellow Pages
  • Email forwarding of search results to make ads more viral
  • Multi-lingual ad delivery
  • Keeps your ad in front of viewer even when they click on another ad so the user has ease of use and choice
  • Viral marketing built in with "email results to a friend" features
  • Eliminates PPC fraud, verifying IP, user and MAC address

Pay Per Click

  • Create PPC Campaigns
  • Create Multiple Advertising Groups
  • Manage Keywords
  • Manage Bid Prices
  • Ad Management
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Dozens of Reports

Global Keyword Registry

  • 100% Click Fraud FREE*
  • Flat Rate Predictable Cost
  • Purchase the Position(s) You Want
  • Register Multiple Terms from A Single Location
  • Easy to Use Online Management Interface
  • Laser Guided Geo Targeting
  • Resell Keywords for Huge Profits
  • Registrar Program Available
  • Extremely Affordable